Emergency Assistance for Employees in Crisis

The HOPE Fund for Hiller employees was established in 2018 after Hurricane Michael struck the Gulf Coast. The damage was vast, and we as a company realized the need to start a support fund for employees experiencing hardship. Yes, HOPE launched after a natural disaster, but this fund provides for anyone going through a crisis and needing a helping hand. From illness to injury, flood or fire, as 1Hiller, we want to be able to ensure we can continue HOPE funding so that if and when disaster strikes, we have the means to support impacted Hiller families.

One of our values at The Hiller Companies is to Act Responsibly. That value is defined in part by helping one another and having a positive effect on our community. The HOPE Fund is only sustainable when we work together. At present, about 16% of employees are providing monthly contributions to HOPE through payroll deduction. We encourage you to consider an ongoing donation. If you are unsure if you are currently contributing, please check your pay stub. To elect to donate, you can sign up in iSolved or talk to your office manager.