Foam Systems

The Hiller Companies’ foam system expertise ranges from small commercial systems to military specification systems. Through a wide range of options for foam products and delivery systems, Hiller can customize foam fire suppression systems that are highly effective against a variety of fire hazards and are suitable for fire extinguishment on deck and below deck – from flight decks and hangars to bilges. We offer high-expansion foam systems as well as aqueous film forming foams (AFFFs), and can comply with commercial marine standards (USCG & IMO/SOLAS) and US Navy military specifications. Hiller’s designs, systems and products work to provide optimal fire suppression to protect any asset.

Common Marine Applications for Foam Systems

Foam systems are useful in many marine environments, some of which include:

  • Bilges
  • Vehicle Decks
  • Flight Decks
  • Hose Systems