Water Mist Systems

At The Hiller Companies, our mission is to minimize your downtime while protecting your assets. In order to provide the most efficient and safe fire protection on the water, Hiller provides state-of-the-art Securiplex water mist protection technology. Approved for marine use, water mist protection uses a fraction of the water used by conventional sprinklers and is well suited for the protection of a wide range of marine hazards. Reduced post-discharge damage and clean up as well as simple recharge provide for less downtime, while clean and green technology poses no risk to your crew and assets. Hiller’s customized water mist systems are cost effective and provide the most protection of your personnel, equipment and productivity.

  • Total Flood Machinery Spaces
  • Local High Risk Applications
  • Accommodation Areas
  • Other Machinery Spaces
  • Gas Turbine Enclosure
  • Bilges
  • Vehicle Decks