Portable Fire Pump (Available Only in Arizona)

Portable fire pumps take the place of fire pumps when they are being serviced or repaired. Portable fire pumps reduce loss of function and downtime of your facility, keep your fire sprinkler system in compliance during repair of the fire pump, and save money by eliminating the need for a fire watch.

A unique offering for our Arizona locations, our unit can pump 1,800 gallons per minute at idle and is powered by a John Deere turbo diesel engine. It can run for 12 hours straight on one tank of fuel and is an ideal option for large spaces or facilities that are protected by fire sprinklers, particularly high-rise buildings, hospitals or large warehouses.

We take care of delivery, installation and set-up of the system on the front end. We also commission the portable systems with the cities and acquire necessary permits and approvals. When repairs are completed on the permanent fire pump, our technicians break down the temporary system, reconnect the permanent one and pick up the unit from your site.

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