The art of fire protection requires refined skill and persistence. The Hiller Companies has combined decades of experience, sound mechanical and electrical engineering practices, and the latest in fire protection technology to create products and services of the highest level of excellence. Our services include life safety protection through the design, installation, monitoring and service of fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, security systems and more.

All around the world, Hiller products and installations are protecting lives and property. We are proud to safeguard everything from small businesses to nuclear testing facilities, yachts to aircraft carriers, and gas stations to offshore platforms.


A trusted global leader in fire protection and prevention.


Creating individualized fire protection solutions that WORK for you and your commercial or industrial space.


From aircraft carriers to yachts and oil rigs, a Hiller system is built to protect lives and prevent loss.


Excellence in fire protection solutions for military vessels, vehicles, bases and government facilities.