Deluge Sprinkler Systems

Unlike the pre-action sprinkler systems, deluge systems do not use pressurized air and the sprinkler heads are open. A deluge valve connects the sprinkler system to the water supply and is activated by a smoke or heat detection system. Once activated, these systems discharge all sprinkler heads at once. They are used mostly in larger, high hazard areas where high velocity suppression is needed to limit the fire spread. Some deluge systems incorporate the use of foam as well.

Common Applications:

  • Chemical storage
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Power plants
  • Processing facilities
  • Tank vessels
  • Transformers

Why use deluge sprinkler systems?

  • Effectiveness – Deluge sprinklers are good for environments that are at risk for rapidly spreading fires.
  • Backup Trigger – While they are connected to fire alarms, deluge sprinklers can also be activated manually.

Limitations of deluge sprinkler systems:

  • Because every sprinkler head opens when activated, water damage is likely due to the volume of water released.
  • There must be a large reservoir of water to operate the system.