Low Voltage Products such as this Video Camera

Low Voltage Products

We offer a comprehensive range of low voltage products that represent high-performing and state-of-the-art technologies. Our long history in the fire protection and low voltage industries has enabled us to form strong, enduring relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry. We offer design, installation, service and maintenance of all of our products.

Audio/Visual System ›

Hiller has a full offering of audio-visual systems for commercial, public address and residential systems. We design, install and service systems installed by our team. Our strategic partnerships with leaders in this technology allow us to offer the best equipment in the industry.

Commercial Audio Systems

Hiller designs, installs and services all varieties of commercial audio systems. These systems can be used for background or primary audio. We work with you on the optimal commercial audio system for your environment, whether it’s a simple single source, single zone system, multi-source or multi-zone matrix with intuitive control in each area. Our goal in design and installation is to maximize performance with ease of use for the end user. We have developed strategic partnerships with the leaders in the commercial audio market segment to provide you with the best speakers and amplifiers in the industry.

Commercial Video Systems

Hiller provides design, engineering, installation, service and maintenance of commercial video systems, along with the integration of commercial video systems with your existing low voltage electronics.

Our systems are a multi-source, multi-display matrix that allows you to control all your TVs from one central location. A well-designed commercial video system maintains hi-definition media integrity, video sync and ease-of-use control. When designing your system, we will determine the intended purpose of your video system and recommend displays that will meet your specifications. Displays for commercial video systems vary vastly and have some important questions that must be answered before we can provide you with our recommendation. You must decide several things including, which content will be shown on your display, the lighting in the room, the distance from each display, the viewing angle, the average seating height, the intent of the venue, occupancy and many other factors. We will help you determine the best display to meet your needs.


Integrating your commercial audio system into your existing low voltage electronics not only makes the most of your investment; it also can be integral to the notification and safety of the inhabitants in your building. Hiller makes sure the integration is seamless, so your music will stop playing and your message will be delivered to each area that it pertains to. We will work with you in the design of your commercial audio system to understand every function you need. It is important when determining the type of speaker to know the intended use, as music and TV audio is very different from voice from a microphone or recording.

Public Address Systems

Public address systems are an electronic amplification system used for one-way communication between one or more sources in public areas. Hiller designs public address systems for the intent of delivering a specific message to a specific area quickly and efficiently. The public address system can be used for severe weather updates, life safety system updates, fire alarm system updates, campus wide alerts, etc.

Intercom systems allow for two-way communication between different areas of a building or facility/campus. We design intercom systems for institutions where two-way communication is helpful like schools, daycares, nursing homes, retirement communities, etc.

Both public address systems and intercom systems range in sophistication from a basic push-button unit to an intricate system with a main processing unit and several other components to make it work properly. We are certified to design and install both types of systems and will work with you to customize each system to meet your expectations.

Partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry:

  • Yamaha
  • Valcom
  • URC
  • Toshiba
  • Telex
  • Sonos
  • Samsung
  • Russound
  • RTI
  • Polkaudio
  • Panasonic
  • Nuvo
  • NetStreams
  • JVC
  • JBL by Harmon
  • Denon
  • Dbx Professional Products
  • Crown
  • Bogen Communications, Inc.
  • Benq
  • Atlas Sound
  • Ashly

Communications Products ›

The ability to communicate reliably and effectively in your business and in your home is critical not only to your safety, but also to your productivity. Hiller has a comprehensive offering of communications equipment and technology to support your needs large or small.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a simple way to add security to your business, school, church, industrial building, or medical office, while at the same time making communications between rooms and buildings more efficient. Hiller recommends intercom systems as an excellent way to give you both peace of mind and convenience of communication no matter how small or large your organization or building.

A properly installed intercom system allows you to communicate with customers, staff, and others throughout your facility, as well as know who is trying to enter secure areas. We can install a door intercom station at a secure area entrance, so you can talk to and potentially see who is trying to gain access. We are certified in both the design and installation of intercom systems, and we are trained in the areas that we serve on the regulations required by code for your area. SMG can work with you to design an audio only or an audio and video intercom system to fit your needs.


  • Security – It’s very important for you to know who is entering your facility at all times. Using an intercom system at your secure entrances allows you to check who is at each door, speak with them, and grant them access all from one interface. These door stations can also integrate with cameras so you can actually see who you are speaking to.
  • Remote access – Since you can’t be in two places at once, we can network your intercom system so you can control it remotely from your smart device. Having the ability to control your intercom system from anywhere gives you the power to grant permissions from anywhere, as well as keep your facility secure.

Video Intercoms

Adding video as an option to your intercom system or integrating your intercom system with your existing camera system takes security and convenience to a whole other level.  Hiller has the ability for you to see and hear what’s going on at each intercom station location. This is a great addition for a secure facility, or a school or daycare type of environment. Having the option of video brings your intercom system in to the 21st century.

ButterflyMX video intercom system

Network Services

The network in your facility is essentially the backbone to every Internet connected device inside of your facility. Hiller will work with you to design and install the optimal network for your facility that meets your needs today and has room for expansion in the future. Networks are both physical low voltage cabling and wireless devices making up your Wi-Fi network. With so many devices riding on your internal network, it’s imperative to have a well-designed and installed network. From cabling, routers, switches, servers, firewalls, wireless access points, network printers, scanners, network audio/video devices, network security devices, and cloud services, our team is trained and certified to see your project from inception to completion. We also provide network security for both physical and cloud based devices, to keep your network secure and resistant from cyber-attacks.

Phone Systems

Not so long ago, Hiller installed business phone systems that consisted of a maze of wires ran through your facility and a dedicated “network” closet to host the myriad of equipment needed to make these phone systems work efficiently. With the advancement in technology, we can now provide phone systems that use your existing cabling as well as wireless technology to complete your phone system. No longer will you be restricted by physical cabling. You can also add the ability to have your smart phone act as an extension to your phone system.

Phone System Options

When designing your phone system, Hiller will work with you to discuss all options that are available today and in the future. VoIP phone systems have become quite popular with our customers for many reasons. The VoIP phone systems we offer allow for almost unlimited expandability, as well as a plethora of options that many businesses desire and require. VoIP phone systems features include web and video conferencing, intercom and paging, mobile softphones, virtual receptionist, smart phone use and cost efficiency. VoIP phone systems ride on your Internet connection, so you will never have to wait on your traditional phone service company to make repairs to your phone lines. VoIP phone systems also eliminate area code and phone number location restrictions of the past. Since this system rides on your network, you can have any number in any place. This is also a great function for a remote workforce. As long as your employees have an Internet connection, they can take their VoIP phone, plug it in to the network, and it is like they are sitting right in your corporate office.

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is an industry term used to describe the different types of low voltage cabling products that are used when wiring your property. Structured wiring devices all have the same basic purpose: to efficiently distribute some sort of data signals throughout your property. The types of cabling that are generally used in structured wiring provide you with cable TV, phone service and connection to your network. Hiller can also provide you with structured wiring that delivers technology you may not be familiar with, such as audio/video distribution, automation and environmental control, security systems, etc.  Structured wiring is essentially the backbone of your low voltage system cabling.  Most facilities have a designated spot where the structured wiring will “head end.” This spot is generally notated in the low voltage system design, and we make sure this area is secure and free from environmental disturbances that may limit the life of your equipment. Depending on the needs of your low voltage systems, we will determine the types of cabling you will need in your structured wiring installation; however, the typical cables used are cat5e & cat6, RG6, and some sort of multi-conductor cable varying in cable size depending on length. We use several different styles of enclosures and/or racks to “head end” your cabling to keep a nice, neat, clean, and efficient look. This is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it also allows for ease-of-use. We also use labeling and other systematic designs to allow for efficient service calls.


  • Valcom
  • Telex
  • Bogen Communications, Inc.
  • Aiphone
Video Intercom

Electronic Safety and Security Systems ›

Hiller designs, builds, services and monitors Electronic Safety and Security Systems. A properly designed security system consists of three independent components: electronic, architectural, and operational countermeasures.

Electronic countermeasures:

  • Card readers with swipe or proximity credentials
  • Audio and video devices such as microphones and cameras
  • Electronic door strikes
  • Mag locks
  • Electronic hinges
  • Other electronic devices.

Architectural countermeasures:

  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Electrified locking mechanisms
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Vehicular standoffs/bollards and protection

The concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) also falls within the realm of architectural security countermeasures.

Operational security countermeasures:

  • Patrols
  • Training
  • Policies and procedures
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Contingency factors

By balancing these elements and a formula for risk (Risk = Threat x Vulnerability / Countermeasures) we can achieve a higher level of security for our clients’ premises and/or assets. We are certified and trained in ESS system design, build and installation, and we will work in conjunction with your architects and engineers designing your ESS system to meet the regulatory requirements in your area.

Access Control

Hiller specializes in all areas of access control, and we work closely with equipment manufactures and local authorities to stay up-to-date with the rules and regulations of each area we serve. The prevalence of threats like vandalism, terrorism and theft has prompted organizations of all types to look for ways to protect their assets and personnel. Access control systems are a great way to increase your security and provide you with the knowledge of who went where and when. However, not all access control systems are the same. We will work with you on your access control system design to ensure we take certain items into consideration.


For most customers, affordability is a prime consideration when choosing an access control system. Today’s tight budgets encourage many customers to expand their access control system as finances allow. We will work with you to design an access control system that is both affordable and scalable. Other customers may have growth concerns that outweigh budgetary constraints and may opt to start with a smaller access control system and have the need to expand on it quickly. At Hiller, we take the time to listen to, and learn about our customers, so the system we design will fit your needs into the future.

Ease of Use

We design and install access control systems to be intuitive and simple to operate. This should be the cornerstone of your design. By using access control systems with an effective User Interface (UI) that enables operation with minimal training, we provide our customers with systems that meet our ease of use requirement and save our customers time, money and frustration.

Full IP Integration

Most mid to large-sized customers need some level of web-based or IP-enabled access control system. With IP integration, we designs systems that are easily utilized and expanded while offering remote management capabilities. We work with you to design and install an access control system with IP architecture built-in for additional reliability, expandability and user friendliness.

Open Architecture

Access control systems based on an open standard foundation are important for most organizations. We recommend access control systems that integrate with your other low voltage electronics such as physical security platforms, video surveillance systems and life safety systems.

Easy Adaptability

We design access control systems that can adapt and grow as your needs change. No customer wants to endure the hassle and/or expense of upgrading or replacing technology that is outdated or is incompatible with the current system. When you choose to work with Hiller, you will have a system that uses devices that are manufactured by companies that have proven track records in the industry that use long-lasting, adaptable, and field-proven technology.

Gate and Perimeter Security

Many facilities have reasons to restrict access to some or all of their property to only allow authorized individuals access to certain areas or buildings. We design and build gate and perimeter security systems to serve as a deterrent. However, when an authorized individual attempts to breach the security measures put in place, it’s important to have an intelligent system in place to ensure your property is secure.

When designing gates and perimeter security for a particular property, we analyze what the facility is used for and the purpose of the protection. For example, a residential community might use a gate to display its exclusivity. On the other hand, a business property that holds expensive equipment or valuable intellectual property might need a gate to keep out unauthorized individuals.

For most facilities, exterior security gates are merely the first line of perimeter security. The gate is a clear indication to anyone not permitted to enter the facility that other measures are likely in place to keep unauthorized persons out of secure areas. Once a guest gets past the gate, they can expect to be met with another secure point of entry requiring additional credentials to enter. Hiller designs your gate and perimeter security system with the notion that if a company invested in gates and perimeter security, they will ultimately be stopped by security and detained.

Installing the proper gate for your facility is paramount to the integrity of your system design. We install the proper gate security system so that vehicles as well as pedestrians will be stopped and checked for proper credentials prior to moving further on to the property. While simple keycard access on the building entries may be enough security for some facilities, gate and perimeter security is the type of security measure for areas where unauthorized access can be potentially dangerous. We can install a security gate to keep people out where they are walking or driving a car. We consider all factors to keep your facility and perimeter secure. 

Security and Guest Entry Systems

Guest entry or telephone entry systems are designed to allow building occupants easy communication with guests at all entry points. Hiller offers guest entry systems with technology for both audio and video communication so your building occupants can clearly identify who is at the door. These telephone entry systems are great for multi-family, business and hospitality environments. They allow individuals in your facility to interact with guests when they are trying to gain entry. Guest entry systems with video communication are ideal for offices, daycare centers, schools and government buildings where identity confirmation is required.

Service and Installation

Whether you are starting a new project or have a current system in place, we can help you get things running smoothly. We can service and maintain your existing system regardless of size or age, or we can design a new system from the ground up. Guest entry systems can be designed or upgraded with an audio/video system or an audio only set up. Having a system that incorporates both audio and video technology is the most effective way to secure the entire building because it allows you to visually verify individuals as well as record the images.

Integration with Other Technology

We design your guest entry system to integrate seamlessly with the technology you currently have in place. We review your current access control system for compatibility with integration to your guest entry system and through our design, we ensure proper functionality. Along with the access control, we will work with your existing technology or design a new CCTV system to integrate with your guest entry system.

Easy Expansion

It is important to design your system to allow for expandability. The perfect design allows customers to expand and change the configuration as needed. During the decision-making process, we work with you on what future accommodations may be required as your company changes, and we discuss the advantages of prewiring for such instances in case they arise.


Hiller’s team is licensed, certified, trained and experienced in installing guest entry and telephone entry systems. 

Common Applications:

  • Multi-family construction
  • Taverns, bars, and restaurants
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Government buildings such as federal buildings, municipal buildings, and courthouses
  • Strip malls
  • Single storefronts
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Dental offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Assisted living facilities

Intrusion Detection Systems

When considering an intrusion detection system (more commonly referred to as a security system or a burglar alarm) there are many options available. We work with you to talk about all the options available so we can pick the best system that fits your needs. We help you consider options for monitoring, equipment type and limitations and automation capabilities.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Many business owners see security systems as a luxury, but they are, in fact, a necessity. Because of budgetary constraints, some managers and owners are reluctant to invest. However, an installation has many long-term benefits. Below are some advantages for customers to think of when considering purchasing Remote Monitoring Services.

Simplified Access Controls

A monitoring system from Hiller allows you to have a log of who is entering and leaving the property and at what times; it also simplifies the process of tracking guests and employees. Using remote monitoring of your access control system also allows you or the Hiller team real time control over points of entry and credentials, so if an employee status changes unexpectedly, you can adjust their level of access with a few clicks from your computer or an app on your smart device. When you combine this system with a surveillance system with remote monitoring through Hiller, we can provide you with a User Interface to track an individual’s movement. Should any suspicious or criminal activities occur, you will have proof, and the monitoring system will capture every movement for submission to the appropriate authorities.

Greater Fire Safety and Emergency Response

Many people do not realize that a key benefit of having remote monitoring service is increased fire safety. We designs systems that, in the event of an emergency, will contact our monitoring station and give a status update. Integrating the fire alarm or life safety system with monitoring services allows our monitoring station to notify proper authorities of the emerging situation in real time. This also will prompt a series of other events, depending on the emergency, such as, opening doors so employees and guests can exit safely, a mass notification letting everyone know quickly and efficiently that an event has occurred and notify first responders of the status of individuals in certain areas.

Other Benefits

When offering you remote monitoring services, we make sure our services are upgradable and expandable. Our customers can upgrade their monitoring services at any time, and they can use integrated monitoring as the base of their business security plan. Using Hiller as your business’ single point of contact provides a significant benefit when using an integrated monitoring system. We offer state-of-the-art monitoring services so you can track guests and employees comings and goings and know exactly what’s going on inside the building at all times from anywhere in the world.

Easier Installation and Effective Implementation

Today’s monitoring systems can be installed quicker and easier than systems of the past. The newest systems require less equipment, cabling and maintenance, and with our integration capabilities, they can help your security team operate more efficiently. Compared to the old analog systems that required complex wiring and multiple feeds, Hiller can install a remote monitoring system that allows you to be up and running within a few hours and unlimited flexibility.

Easier Maintenance We specialize in monitoring system designs that require less maintenance once they are installed. We also offer maintenance programs that will ensure your system lasts for years to come. No longer will you have to worry about swapping tapes in your recorder or hard drive space. The digital video feeds provided by our products are highly compressible. We also offer offsite storage and offsite remote monitoring of your system.


  • System Galaxy
  • Salto
  • Openpath
  • Latch
  • ICT
  • Brivo
  • Allegion Schlage
  • Avigilon
  • Honeywell
Electronic Safety and Security banner

Life Safety Systems ›

Life safety systems are an integral part of the integrated electronic systems designed to keep the inhabitants of your facility safe and secure. The Hiller team is trained, educated, and certified on the vast landscape of life safety systems codes. We work closely with the governing Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to adhere to and comply with the code adopted locally. Hiller is a proud member of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and works closely with their organization to train, educate and certify our team members in the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code for the United States. Life safety systems include: fire alarms, bi-directional firefighter radio amplification systems (BDA), Areas of Refuge (AOR), Mass Notification, Access Control, Weather Monitoring and other systems that directly relate to the fire alarm system and your safety.

Areas of Refuge

One of the first things to happen in an emergency situation, such as a fire, is that elevators become inoperable. People must use the stairs to escape the building, setting the stage for tragedy. Too often, there will be those who are unable to use the stairs, such as the disabled, the ill, or the elderly. Rescue personnel must search room by room for those who could not leave during the evacuation, delaying rescue and unnecessarily risking both their own lives and the lives of those left behind.

Areas of Refuge (AOR) Assist Victims and Rescuers

Areas of Refuge are designed to alleviate this situation. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), AORs must be established, providing a safer place where those in need of rescue can assemble and contact rescue personnel while waiting for help. These locations must be clearly identified. Precious time is saved since rescuers know where people needing help are waiting, making rescues easier and faster. Hiller is certified in designing AORs for your facility.

Requirements for AORs

Typically, local building codes stipulate that pressurized ductwork must provide a constant supply of filtered or fresh air for a certain amount of time even when exposed to a fire. Necessary electrical equipment must also have an acceptable fire-resistance rating. We know that an essential part of any system is two-way communication to areas of refuge. Inhabitants awaiting rescue are able to notify rescue personnel of their condition and location, as well as, receive confirmation that their communication has been received. Our licensed team tests, inspects and monitors this system to ensure your inhabitants’ safety is priority.

We design systems to comply with the local regulations and to comply with ADA requirements. This means the system we install in the areas of refuge will have the capability of 24/7 monitoring and will have devices to aid those with hearing, speech and limited mobility to communicate effectively.

Other requirements:

  • Emergency lighting that will operate in a blackout
  • Appropriate signage pointing the way and identifying Areas of Rescue Assistance
  • Designated locations next to the emergency exit path, including exit stairs, but not blocking the path of able-bodied evacuees
  • A fire barrier between the Area of Refuge and the remainder of the building
  • An area large enough to hold at least one wheelchair, depending on the building

Nurse Call

Nurse call systems are critical parts of patient care, and the advancement in technology has changed how personnel can interact with patients.

We provide our clients with intelligent nurse call systems that allow your staff to assess, monitor and measure the care that is being delivered to your patients. When choosing a nurse call system, it is important to factor the age of the technology, ease of use, the adaptability to add new emerging technology and integration with your other systems in place. Another important factor when choosing a nurse call system, as the healthcare industry enters the age of “big data” is the ability to pull reports from the systems you have in place. The more information that can be captured, analyzed and visualized, the better the facility can translate that information in to actionable insight.


  • Talkaphone
  • Rath Microtech
  • Aiphone
  • Edwards Signaling
Life Safety Systems

Video Surveillance ›

Video surveillance systems, also called camera systems or CCTV systems, have gained popularity over the past decade. The Hiller team is licensed, trained, and certified to design, engineer, install, and service most manufacturers’ camera systems. Video surveillance can be as simple as a couple of cameras around your property hooked up to a centrally located display for you to see what’s going on or multiple cameras inside and outside along with the capability of remote viewing from your laptop or smart device. Camera systems come in either analog or digital designs, with some manufactures having “tri-brid” technology allowing for both analog and digital cameras to ride on the same network. We will work with you on the design of your project to ensure proper equipment is specified and installed. Your internal network is an integral part of video surveillance system, especially if you’re installing a digital camera system or you would like to view your cameras remotely. We can inspect your network and provide necessary feedback on its capabilities.

Video Systems

Hiller provides several different types of camera systems, ranging from a single standalone camera or a complete analog system to a networked multi-facility digital system. We will work with you to understand your needs and budget and design a system that meets all your requirements.

Analog camera systems have been around for quite a while, yet they still are popular. We install analog camera systems when cost is a contributing factor and there is no need for HD quality video. Most of these types of surveillance systems can provide you with remote viewing software and apps, and we can help you setup this option.

Digital camera systems comprised of the newest technology have quickly gained popularity and as technology has advanced, they have become significantly less expensive. We recommend digital camera systems for small business to enterprise level facilities since they are easy to network across the Internet and they are easily expandable. Digital camera systems also provide our customers with HD and UHD level video streams providing the best pictures available. Digital camera systems require a more robust network design than an analog system, and we will test and inspect your network for proper bandwidth to accommodate a digital surveillance system.

Virtual Guard

Hiller provides virtual guard services for our customers. Virtual guard systems utilize HD cameras, microphones, and speakers to communicate with unwelcome visitors to your facility. Virtual guard systems allow you or our monitoring center to clearly identify and communicate with whomever is in the area, as well as notify the authorities should the need arise. Virtual guard systems are popular in areas like car lots and strip malls where traditionally you’d hire a guard service without the payroll expense. The Hiller team is certified in virtual guard system design and will work with you to create a system that will provide you with the coverage you need.

Off-Site Video Monitoring

When you elect to have off site video monitoring, cloud technology allows you to keep your property and people safe without relying on a server or recording equipment. With cameras and an internet connection, you can upload your video to a cloud which is managed and stored by your service provider. A mobile viewing app allows you to access your video from anywhere.


  • Avigilon
Low Voltage Products such as this Video Camera