Audio/Visual Systems

Hiller has a full offering of audio-visual systems for commercial, public address and residential systems. We design, install and service systems installed by our team. Our strategic partnerships with leaders in this technology allow us to offer the best equipment in the industry.

Commercial Audio Systems

Hiller designs, installs and services all varieties of commercial audio systems. These systems can be used for background or primary audio. We work with you on the optimal commercial audio system for your environment, whether it’s a simple single source, single zone system, multi-source or multi-zone matrix with intuitive control in each area. Our goal in design and installation is to maximize performance with ease of use for the end user. We have developed strategic partnerships with the leaders in the commercial audio market segment to provide you with the best speakers and amplifiers in the industry.

Commercial Video Systems

Hiller provides design, engineering, installation, service and maintenance of commercial video systems, along with the integration of commercial video systems with your existing low voltage electronics.

Our systems are a multi-source, multi-display matrix that allows you to control all your TVs from one central location. A well-designed commercial video system maintains hi-definition media integrity, video sync and ease-of-use control. When designing your system, we will determine the intended purpose of your video system and recommend displays that will meet your specifications. Displays for commercial video systems vary vastly and have some important questions that must be answered before we can provide you with our recommendation. You must decide several things including, which content will be shown on your display, the lighting in the room, the distance from each display, the viewing angle, the average seating height, the intent of the venue, occupancy and many other factors. We will help you determine the best display to meet your needs.


Integrating your commercial audio system into your existing low voltage electronics not only makes the most of your investment; it also can be integral to the notification and safety of the inhabitants in your building. Hiller makes sure the integration is seamless, so your music will stop playing and your message will be delivered to each area that it pertains to. We will work with you in the design of your commercial audio system to understand every function you need. It is important when determining the type of speaker to know the intended use, as music and TV audio is very different from voice from a microphone or recording.

Public Address Systems

Public address systems are an electronic amplification system used for one-way communication between one or more sources in public areas. Hiller designs public address systems for the intent of delivering a specific message to a specific area quickly and efficiently. The public address system can be used for severe weather updates, life safety system updates, fire alarm system updates, campus wide alerts, etc.

Intercom systems allow for two-way communication between different areas of a building or facility/campus. We design intercom systems for institutions where two-way communication is helpful like schools, daycares, nursing homes, retirement communities, etc.

Both public address systems and intercom systems range in sophistication from a basic push-button unit to an intricate system with a main processing unit and several other components to make it work properly. We are certified to design and install both types of systems and will work with you to customize each system to meet your expectations.

Partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry:

  • Yamaha
  • Valcom
  • URC
  • Toshiba
  • Telex
  • Sonos
  • Samsung
  • Russound
  • RTI
  • Polkaudio
  • Panasonic
  • Nuvo
  • NetStreams
  • JVC
  • JBL by Harmon
  • Denon
  • Dbx Professional Products
  • Crown
  • Bogen Communications, Inc.
  • Benq
  • Atlas Sound
  • Ashly