Class K Fire Extinguishers

In order to determine the correct extinguisher to put out a fire, it is critical to know how the fire started and why it is burning. Class K fires are a subset of Class B flames. Class B includes flammable liquid; however, Class K flames are specific to cooking fat and oils. These types of fires can spread quickly, so it is critical to have a Class K fire extinguisher on hand. These extinguishers use suppression agents that separate the fuel from the oxygen and help to absorb heat. The only effective extinguisher rated as Class K is a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Because oils and fats are used to transmit heat and are often brought to high temperatures quickly, they have the potential to catch fire on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill or even in the microwave. Be especially vigilant when using products such as olive oil, butter, margarine, bacon grease or lard.

Common Applications:

  • Commercial kitchen fires
  • Flammable liquid storage areas