Pre Engineered

Pre-Engineered Systems

Hiller offers a variety of pre-engineered suppression systems to meet your fire protection needs. These include vehicle systems, restaurant hood systems and spray booth and storage locker systems. Hiller’s 100 years of experience has helped us continue to offer high-quality products while remaining focused on design, installation and maintenance of effective and compliant pre-engineered fire protection systems.

Vehicle Systems ›

Many industries, including mining, construction, forestry and the military use heavy equipment or off-road vehicles. In these vehicles, fires can happen for a variety of reasons. Often, fires start in the electrical systems, but they can also be caused by friction from being in motion while the brake is engaged. Others are caused by overheating of combustible materials being transported.

Common Applications:

  • Mining excavators
  • Slag haulers
  • Small skid steers
  • Construction dump trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Bus fleets
  • Mass transit

Types of suppression systems:

  • Dry Systems – Dry systems are used for electrical fires. It is essential to remove and/or wet down any combustibles after the fire is suppressed to prevent reignition.
  • Wet Systems – Wet systems are used for friction or paper-based fires. They are popular because they both suppress fire and cool combustibles reducing the chance of reignition.
  • Dual Agent Systems – These systems have both dry and liquid tanks. The dry agent starves the fire, while the wet agent cools the components.

Restaurant Hood Systems ›

Continual exposure to high temperatures can cause fires in kitchens for various reasons. Any commercial kitchen is at risk, so it is critical to be prepared with a hood suppression system anywhere food is prepared. The suppression system can be connected to both the kitchen hood and the gas line that runs through it so that when the system is activated, the gas line is shut off.

Common Applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Assisted living kitchens
  • Hospital cafeterias
  • School cafeterias

Types of suppression systems:

  • Wet Chemical Systems – Wet chemical systems quickly extinguish flames and are easier to clean up than powder-based systems.

Spray Booths ›

Paint spray booths in auto body refinishing spaces are ideal environments for fires to break out. It takes one spark to ignite the paint, solvents or other flammable liquids stored in these spaces. In a matter of minutes, you could be facing loss of property, equipment and maybe even loss of life. Pre-engineered spray booth suppression systems protect your facility 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They automatically detect and suppress fires before they have time to spread.

Common Applications:

  • Paint spray booths – various sizes
  • Electrostatic vehicle paint spray booths
  • Mix rooms
  • Paint/flammable liquid storage

Types of suppression systems:

  • Dry chemical Systems – Dry chemical systems provide rapid suppression as well as protection from reignition.

Storage Lockers ›

Chemical or hazmat storage facilities are at higher risk of fire and rapid spread. It is critical to have a fire suppression system installed to protect property, inventory and life, and it is usually required by building codes and other regulations.

Common Applications:

  • Storage lockers for hazmat materials
  • Storage lockers for chemicals

Types of suppression systems:

  • Dry Chemical Systems – Dry chemical systems provide rapid suppression as well as protection from reignition.
  • Water Sprinkler Systems – Water sprinkler systems have optional water flow censors, alarms and shut down contacts.