Backflow Testing

The Hiller Companies has a fully licensed backflow testing division to take care of all of your backflow needs. Certified through the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the leading certification agency for municipalities’ water district employees, our technicians carry the highest industry standard for certifications and cross-connection training. Our fire technicians also have Cross Connection Survey and National Plumbing Code training to match municipality training.

We are able to work on all makes and models ranging in size from ½’’ to 12’’ assemblies. With 25 years of combined experience in testing, troubleshooting, certification, installation and repairs, we also offer preventative maintenance programs and consulting for all of your backflow and plumbing needs.

What is backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reverse flow of a possible source of contamination into the potable drinking water system. Contamination can be found in a mixture of water, various liquids, gases or other harmful substances. A backflow prevention system prevents water used in a building’s water system, which can be contaminated, from backing up into drinking water. Backflow services are particularly important for fire protection due to poor water quality in a fire sprinkler system.

When does backflow occur?

Backflow is caused by changes in pressure within the distribution plumbing system. Many conditions such as gravity, vacuum, pumps or other pressure changes can create a change in the flow direction. There are two main factors that cause backflow in a piping system—backsiphonage and backpressure.

Should I have a backflow prevention device at my location?

A properly installed and maintained backflow prevention assembly is the best way to protect the water you drink and consume daily. It helps protect piping systems from harmful pollutants or contaminates, which may be introduced unknowingly into the distribution piping.

Because backflow requirements for fire are constantly increasing stringency, our relationships with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction put us in a position to educate you before problems arise. We are licensed to service backflows for all systems, including fire, plumbing and landscaping. Our certifications are beyond what your local plumber or landscaper are likely to have.


The only sure way to determine if your backflow prevention assembly is functioning properly is through regular inspection and testing. Our experienced maintenance team will keep your system running correctly so that you can rest assured your drinking water is safe.

Our Services

  • Backflow testing and certification
  • Backflow repairs and replacements
  • New backflow installations
  • Anti-theft enclosures/cages
  • Hazard protection/bollards
  • Freeze protection/insulated covers
  • Water distribution trouble shooting
  • Document/record keeping
  • Surveys/evaluations/cataloging


  • Commercial buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Educational facilities