We offer a comprehensive range of fire protection, suppression and detection products that represent high-performing and state-of-the-art technologies. Our long history in the fire protection industry has enabled us to form strong, enduring relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry.

We offer design, installation, service and maintenance of all of our products. Protecting lives and property around the world, we are proud to safeguard everything from small businesses to nuclear testing facilities, yachts to aircraft carriers, and gas stations to offshore platforms.

Backflow Prevention ›

The Hiller Companies has a fully licensed backflow division to take care of all of your backflow needs. Certified through the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the leading certification agency for municipalities’ water district employees, our technicians carry the highest industry standard for certifications and cross-connection training. Our fire technicians also have Cross Connection Survey and National Plumbing Code training to match municipality training.

We are able to work on all makes and models ranging in size from ½’’ to 12’’ assemblies. With 25 years of combined experience in testing, troubleshooting, certification, installation and repairs, we also offer preventative maintenance programs and consulting for all of your backflow and plumbing needs.

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Clean Agent & Special Hazard Fire Protection ›

Hiller is committed to doing our part to protect the environment. By using clean agent suppression systems, we can better protect lives and property while reducing our carbon footprint. These suppression systems support a cleaner environment by reducing water waste and eliminating the use of ozone depleting agents.

  • Pro Inert
  • Inergen
  • FM-200
  • Novec 1230
Clean Agent & Special Hazard Suppression

Corrosion ›

Corrosion in fire sprinkler systems is a serious problem. Oxidation is the most common cause of corrosion. When oxygen is trapped in the system, it dissolves into water and reacts with the surface of the piping. This causes iron oxide debris, which reduces systems performance. While corrosion activity in fire sprinkler systems is a common problem, most building or property managers are not aware of the need for monitoring. Often, the first time they become aware of a problem is when there is a leak. By the time a leak forms, corrosion has already caused degradation in the functionality of the system.

Problems caused by corrosion:

  • Obstruction in piping
  • Sprinkler plugging
  • Reduced hydraulics function
  • Leaks
  • Reduction in sprinkler system life

When corrosion is not addressed, it can be costly. Not only is the life of your sprinkler system shortened, but repair and replacement costs are incurred, and business is disrupted.

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Energy Storage Systems ›

NFPA 855 – Energy Storage Systems (ESS) – Are You Prepared?

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) utilizing lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the primary infrastructure for wind turbine farms, solar farms, and peak shaving facilities where the electrical grid is overburdened and cannot support the peak demands.

Although Li-ion batteries are the prime concern regarding ESS, NFPA 855 code will also cover lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, sodium batteries and flow batteries. The code covers energy storage whether electro-chemical or electro-mechanical energy storage.



The use of Li-ion Batteries can create the potential for a fire protection hazard known as thermal runaway. If your fire protection design is for as a Class C fire, you may not be prepared for this catastrophic threat.

Thermal runaway, a Class B Fire, is not the same as an electrical or Class C Fire. This fire hazard is a thermal heat transfer issue because there is a disconnection from the power source which permits more current thus the risk of fire is not eliminated. Damaged batteries can reignite hours or days later due to thermal runaway.

As concentration levels for a Class B fires are different than that of the Class C fires, chemical suppression alone will not stop thermal runaway. Suppression will extinguish a Class C fire inside the ESS container or building and will stop an electrolyte fire from off-gassing of the batteries but not thermal runaway. Which are you prepared for?


Risk should be evaluated based on the upcoming NFPA 855 code.

  • Can you support a catastrophic fire event such as thermal runaway? Without the proper safeguards, the complete loss of assets can happen.
  • If the facility is in a remote location or if it is a dedicated use building or a container, each may have a different fire hazard approach based on the risk.
  • Should your design include gas detection, chemical suppression, water based suppression?
  • How does the Local AHJ fit into the discussion?
  • Is life safety a factor? Yes, there is a possible risk for first responders because current is still being released.


New terms have been added to the fire protection vocabulary: thermal runaway, off-gassing, electrolyte, ESS, Battery management system. Hiller has been closely involved in creating the new NFPA 855 standard. Hiller has been advocating for the utility market making sure that appropriate risk is considered and proper fire protection is applied. The power of the ESS may be the same but risk is not. A facility in a major urban environment does not carry the same risk as a solar facility in a remote location behind secure gates. They should not be treated as the same.

Hiller has the design experience, the technical understanding, and can provide the proper equipment for a turnkey solution based on the acceptance of your level of risk. Hiller can analyze your risk, understand the upcoming NFPA 855 Code, and develop a solution that best suits your needs. We can also provide support in educating the local and state authorities.

  • NFPA 70E AC and DC Arc Flash Risks Assessments
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Fire Modeling
  • SFPE Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Reliability and Safety Integrity Level Analysis
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Explosion/Fire Modeling/Deflag and Vent Calcs
  • Knowledge Of Current Codes/Regulations
    • NFPA 855, UL 9540
    • California CFC 608
    • IFC Chapter 12

Manufacturer Information

Hiller provides leading edge design & development of detection and suppression systems for lithium-ion battery facilities using a combination of early warning gas and smoke detection – clean agent suppression, sprinkler deluge systems, building gas venting, in participation of code development with NFPA 855 committee.

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Lithium Ion Battery Racks

Enhanced Wireless Systems – BDA/DAS ›

When first responders are called to a building fire, one of their most critical needs is reliable communication. In 2017, the International Association of Fire Chiefs Survey reported that 98.5 percent of first responders reported dead spots in buildings. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed experienced in-building communications failure in emergencies and 31 percent experienced communication failure. BDA/DAS systems can eliminate that failure and ensure communications remain functional during emergencies.

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Enhanced Wireless Systems – BDA/DAS

Fire Alarms ›

Fire alarms are an integral part of every fire protection plan. Hiller offers a range of products by trusted suppliers to detect and warn of fire. In most building, the greatest risk of loss occurs when the facility is unoccupied. If there is a fire or security alarm and no one is on the scene to respond, significant loss can occur. This is where Hiller steps in, by providing UL alarm monitoring as a measure of security to protect your assets. Alarm system monitoring reports a security or fire alarm to a remotely located UL listed central station. This station is operated 24/7 by experienced staffed, specially trained in the monitoring of residential, commercial, medical and environmental security.

  • Intelligent Detection and Control Systems
  • Networked Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm

Fire Extinguishers ›

With more than 100 years in the fire protection business, Hiller understands fire extinguishers. We are on the cutting edge of research and development, and we employ the latest design and installation strategies in the industry. When you choose Hiller, you will rest easy that your people and your property are safe. Our dedication to quality of service, products and knowledge of the industry make up The Hiller Difference.

  • ABC Extinguishers
  • Water Fire Extinguishers
  • Class K Extinguishers
  • Class D Fire Extinguishers
  • High Flow Extinguishers
  • Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguishers
  • Wheeled Unit Extinguishers
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers
  • Foam Fire Extinguishers
  • Clean Agent Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishers

Fire Sprinklers ›

Hiller’s laser-sharp focus on designing, installing and maintaining the most effective and compliant fire protection systems has given countless customers peace of mind. When you put fire safety into our hands, you are free to focus on the business of running your business knowing your people and property are protected. We are your one source for customizing your fire sprinkler systems from start to finish. We understand what it takes to develop a plan to meet your individual needs regardless of space or environment.

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-action Sprinkler Systems
  • Foam Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge Sprinkler Systems
Fire Sprinklers

Low Voltage Products ›

We offer a comprehensive range of low voltage products that represent high-performing and state-of-the-art technologies. Our long history in the fire protection and low voltage industries has enabled us to form strong, enduring relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry. We offer design, installation, service and maintenance of all of our products.

  • Video Surveillance
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Electronic Safety and Security Systems
  • Communications Products
  • Audio/Visual System
Low Voltage Products such as this Video Camera

Mining ›

Hiller’s Mining Division consists of factory-certified technicians with full-service capabilities who work exclusively in today’s mining environment. Our 24-hour fully-equipped mobile fleet affords our customers the satisfaction of knowing their equipment is fully serviced and available for duty. Our personnel are not only manufacturer certified, they also receive continuing training with MSHA & OSHA, and we strictly adhere to CFR 30 and NFPA standards.

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Notification ›

Notification systems take many forms – audible, visual or a combination. Through our network of industry suppliers and our expertise in comprehensive fire protection, Hiller can recommend the appropriate solution to ensure your safety. Reliable detection and notification systems are a key barrier to devastating loss. We also provide inspection, maintenance and repair services on commercial notification and detection systems to ensure the protection of lives and property.

  • Mass Notification
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Traditional Notification
  • Video Detection
  • Smoke Detection
  • Air Sampling Detection
  • Early Warning Detection
  • Flame Detection

Pre-Engineered Systems ›

Hiller offers a variety of pre-engineered suppression systems to meet your fire protection needs. These include vehicle systems, restaurant hood systems and spray booth and storage locker systems. Hiller’s 100 years of experience has helped us continue to offer high-quality products while remaining focused on design, installation and maintenance of effective and compliant pre-engineered fire protection systems.

  • Vehicle Systems
  • Restaurant Hood Systems
  • Spray Booths
  • Storage Lockers
Pre Engineered

Suppression ›

Hiller is on the front lines of developing new technologies, products and strategies for fire detection and suppression. Knowing that we are actively involved in industry organizations across the country gives you the peace of mind that we are focused on designing, installing and maintaining state-of-the-art fire protection systems to protect your people and property.

  • ECARO-25
  • Halon
  • Hybrid Suppression Systems
  • Firefighting Foam
  • High Pressure CO2
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
  • Low Pressure CO2

Teekay Pipe Coupling System ›

Teekay Pipe Couplings, distributed exclusively in the U.S. by The Hiller Companies, have a savings solution that fits your needs. By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a Teekay Pipe Coupling, space, weight, time and cost savings are achieved with every installation. The Hiller Companies, founded in 1919, is a full service fire protection and security provider. We seek the best products that will best fit our clients’ needs. We have found that in Teekay Couplings. Their superior design is uniform whether they’re working with a Navy combatant ship or an offshore supply vessel.


The second generation Teekay Axilock Fire Proof Coupling is a signifiant development over the original, invented in 1995. Watch this to find out more!


To find out more about the benefits and design of our Plastlock Coupling, click here


A leak really can be solved permanently within two minutes, without the need to drain the pipes. This significantly reduces any downtime and negative impact. To find out more about our Repair Coupling, click here


Can a Teekay Coupling really be installed in two minutes? Absolutely! To see for yourself just how quick and easy the process is, click here