Combustible Gas Detection Systems

Without warning, gas leaks can put personnel and assets at risk quickly. Effective gas detection systems are critical to the process of containing toxic and combustible gases immediately. From portable gas detection and combustible gas sensors to fixed monitoring and sampling systems, The Hiller Companies has the solutions to protect marine environments and staff from this invisible hazard. Hiller offers detection systems for LNG, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and other gases. Our LNG detection systems are in compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), United States Coast Guard and classification societies for LNG-fueled vessels. Hiller works with some of the world’s most respected detection manufacturers and can design, install and maintain customized gas detection systems across all applications.

Marine Applications:

  • LNG Fuel Systems on LNG-fueled and Dual-fueled ships
  • Ballast Tank and Void Space
  • Cargo Pump Rooms
  • Detection of Methanol Handling Areas
  • Hydrogen sulfide detection for Platforms and Oil & Gas Processes