Communications Products

The ability to communicate reliably and effectively in your business and in your home is critical not only to your safety, but also to your productivity. Hiller has a comprehensive offering of communications equipment and technology to support your needs large or small.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a simple way to add security to your business, school, church, industrial building, or medical office, while at the same time making communications between rooms and buildings more efficient. Hiller recommends intercom systems as an excellent way to give you both peace of mind and convenience of communication no matter how small or large your organization or building.

A properly installed intercom system allows you to communicate with customers, staff, and others throughout your facility, as well as know who is trying to enter secure areas. We can install a door intercom station at a secure area entrance, so you can talk to and potentially see who is trying to gain access. We are certified in both the design and installation of intercom systems, and we are trained in the areas that we serve on the regulations required by code for your area. SMG can work with you to design an audio only or an audio and video intercom system to fit your needs.


  • Security – It’s very important for you to know who is entering your facility at all times. Using an intercom system at your secure entrances allows you to check who is at each door, speak with them, and grant them access all from one interface. These door stations can also integrate with cameras so you can actually see who you are speaking to.
  • Remote access – Since you can’t be in two places at once, we can network your intercom system so you can control it remotely from your smart device. Having the ability to control your intercom system from anywhere gives you the power to grant permissions from anywhere, as well as keep your facility secure.

Video Intercoms

Adding video as an option to your intercom system or integrating your intercom system with your existing camera system takes security and convenience to a whole other level.  Hiller has the ability for you to see and hear what’s going on at each intercom station location. This is a great addition for a secure facility, or a school or daycare type of environment. Having the option of video brings your intercom system in to the 21st century.

Network Services

The network in your facility is essentially the backbone to every Internet connected device inside of your facility. Hiller will work with you to design and install the optimal network for your facility that meets your needs today and has room for expansion in the future. Networks are both physical low voltage cabling and wireless devices making up your Wi-Fi network. With so many devices riding on your internal network, it’s imperative to have a well-designed and installed network. From cabling, routers, switches, servers, firewalls, wireless access points, network printers, scanners, network audio/video devices, network security devices, and cloud services, our team is trained and certified to see your project from inception to completion. We also provide network security for both physical and cloud based devices, to keep your network secure and resistant from cyber-attacks.

Phone Systems

Not so long ago, Hiller installed business phone systems that consisted of a maze of wires ran through your facility and a dedicated “network” closet to host the myriad of equipment needed to make these phone systems work efficiently. With the advancement in technology, we can now provide phone systems that use your existing cabling as well as wireless technology to complete your phone system. No longer will you be restricted by physical cabling. You can also add the ability to have your smart phone act as an extension to your phone system.

Phone System Options

When designing your phone system, Hiller will work with you to discuss all options that are available today and in the future. VoIP phone systems have become quite popular with our customers for many reasons. The VoIP phone systems we offer allow for almost unlimited expandability, as well as a plethora of options that many businesses desire and require. VoIP phone systems features include web and video conferencing, intercom and paging, mobile softphones, virtual receptionist, smart phone use and cost efficiency. VoIP phone systems ride on your Internet connection, so you will never have to wait on your traditional phone service company to make repairs to your phone lines. VoIP phone systems also eliminate area code and phone number location restrictions of the past. Since this system rides on your network, you can have any number in any place. This is also a great function for a remote workforce. As long as your employees have an Internet connection, they can take their VoIP phone, plug it in to the network, and it is like they are sitting right in your corporate office.

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is an industry term used to describe the different types of low voltage cabling products that are used when wiring your property. Structured wiring devices all have the same basic purpose: to efficiently distribute some sort of data signals throughout your property. The types of cabling that are generally used in structured wiring provide you with cable TV, phone service and connection to your network. Hiller can also provide you with structured wiring that delivers technology you may not be familiar with, such as audio/video distribution, automation and environmental control, security systems, etc.  Structured wiring is essentially the backbone of your low voltage system cabling.  Most facilities have a designated spot where the structured wiring will “head end.” This spot is generally notated in the low voltage system design, and we make sure this area is secure and free from environmental disturbances that may limit the life of your equipment. Depending on the needs of your low voltage systems, we will determine the types of cabling you will need in your structured wiring installation; however, the typical cables used are cat5e & cat6, RG6, and some sort of multi-conductor cable varying in cable size depending on length. We use several different styles of enclosures and/or racks to “head end” your cabling to keep a nice, neat, clean, and efficient look. This is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it also allows for ease-of-use. We also use labeling and other systematic designs to allow for efficient service calls.


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