Dry Chemical Systems for Marine

Demand for liquid natural gas (LNG) continues to rise and the use of LNG as a marine fuel is becoming more popular as well. The need for effective fire suppression and containment at every point in the process is critical for safety. The Hiller Companies has extensive experience with marine dry chemical fire suppression, particularly for LNG applications. Using dry chemical systems to protect LNG bunkering stations as well as other LNG hazards, Hiller offers fixed system and hose reel application options. Each option is tailored to the needs of the customer from nozzle specification to final placement and detection needs. Hiller focuses on prevention, control and extinguishment for effective fire protection of LNG marine operations.

Applications for Dry Chemical Suppression

Specific Applications within the Marine environment for dry chemical fire suppression include:

  • LNG Bunkering Stations
  • Protection of Other LNG Hazards