Hose Reels

For decades, foam has been used as a medium for fire suppression. Unlike other extinguishing agents, foam can suppress a flammable or combustible liquid fire using the combined properties of cooling the fire, preventing the contact of oxygen to the flame/ignition source, and smothering vapors.

The Hiller Companies designs and manufactures a variety of customizable foam fire fighting stations capable of controlling fires and spills of flammable and combustible liquids. One person can easily operate the device to its full potential with the necessary speed and effectiveness to deliver foam to the required area in an emergency. This self-contained unit requires only water pressure to operate and is designed for installation in a fixed location such as processing, storage, or handling area. Hiller offers options for fully customizable stations as well as individual reels and stands.

  • Options:
    • Fiberglass or stainless steel foam concentrate storage tank
    • Hose roller guides
    • Custom hose reel covers
    • NST threads on in-line eductor, hose and hand-line nozzle
  • Acceptable Foams:
    • Solberg Artic 3×3 AR-AFFF
    • Ansulite 3 or 6
    • Ansulite 3×3 (low viscosity, alcohol resistant)
    • National Foam Universal Gold 3% AR-AFFF