1. Refer someone you know to an open position.
  2. Certain positions are eligible for you to receive an Employee Referral Bonus.
  3. Positions eligible for the Employee Referral Bonus are noted in green on the job posting at hillerfire.com/careers/.
  4. You will receive $1,500 total if eligibility requirements are met. 
    • The referred employee must be in good standing.
    • $750 will be paid to you after the referred employee has completed 90 days as a full-time employee.
    • $750 will be paid to you after the referred employee has completed six (6) months of full-time employment with the company.
  5. Questions? Please email hr@hillercompanies.com.

See below form for eligibility requirements.

Your Information

Supervisor Name(Required)

Your Referral's Information:

Referral Name

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be for an open position with “Employee Referral Program Eligible” noted in green on the job posting. This program is intended for hard-to-fill positions requiring specific skill sets or qualifications. All employee referral-eligible positions must be approved by the Corporate Director of Human Resources prior to referral eligibility.
  2. The referral must represent the candidate’s first contact with Hiller. Former Hiller employees, including former acquisitions employees, are not eligible candidates to be referred.
  3. The candidate must have noted the referring employee’s name on the employment application in the online application process “Were you referred by anyone at Hiller? If yes, who?” section, and the referring employee must have been actively discussed during the interview process. www.hillerfire.com/careers/
  4. The candidate must have relevant experience directly related to the position and be considered skilled and qualified for the open position.
  5. Employees in positions of Branch Manager and above (i.e., Director, VP, etc.) do not qualify for this program. Department managers and other employees with hiring authority or input/influence on hiring decisions are eligible to receive a referral bonus if the candidate is not in their department or area of responsibility. HR personnel do not qualify for referral payments.