Mass Notification

Mass Notification is defined by the U.S. Department of Defense as “the capability to provide real-time information to all building occupants or personnel in the immediate vicinity of a building during emergency situations. To reduce the risk of mass casualties, there must be a timely means to notify building occupants of threats and what should be done in response to those threats.” Through technology, Hiller can design a comprehensive solution not only to notify people of danger, but to instruct them of action to take to avoid it. Mass Notification Systems are a combination of systems for input, detection and output that allows a facility to keep its occupants informed every step of the way. Notifications include traditional speakers and strobes and also include email blasts, text messages, voice messages, computer pop-ups and electronic bulletin boards.

Common Applications:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Industrial facilities
  • Vessels
  • Municipalities

Threats Detected:

  • Fire
  • Chemical spills
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorist activities