ECARO-25 is a total flood fire suppression system designed to suppress Class A fires. It is the preferred protection method for high-value assets and businesses that cannot afford downtime or significant loss from fire. A compound of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen, HFC-125, is an acceptable replacement for Halon because of its zero ozone depletion, low global warming potential and short atmospheric lifetime. Unlike water-based systems, ECARO-25 will not damage high-value assets or pose the need for major cleanup. It is non-conductive, non-corrosive and leaves no residue. In addition, because it is discharged as a gaseous vapor, it penetrates enclosures quickly to get to the source of the fire where water and dry agents cannot.

Common Applications:

  • Computer rooms
  • Data storage
  • Telecommunications switch stations
  • Semi-conductor manufacturing facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Historical Sites


  • Can work within existing Halon piping systems with minimal modifications
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces
  • Efficient
  • Low environmental impact