Aircraft Hangar Fire Suppression Systems & Protection Services

Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection

Aircraft hangar fire detection and fire suppression system design.

Aircraft hangars require the highest level of engineered fire protection to safeguard lives and property. Hiller offers customized, turnkey hangar fire protection solutions for both commercial, military, and government hangars, ensuring compliance with UFC specifications and NFPA 409 for design and installation. Our designs include the appropriate equipment and products to promote stability in each and every system.


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Foam Fire Suppression Systems

As a distributor of Ansul® and Chemguard products, Hiller provides the highest level of design, installation and service of both high and low expansion foam systems.

Turnkey Fire Protection Solutions for Aircraft Hangars

  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Foam Fire Suppression Systems
  • Detection and Controls
  • Mass Notification

Intelligent and Conventional Detection and Control Systems

Our strong relationships with Notifier and our exclusive direct distribution status with Det-Tronics allow us to offer competitive pricing as well as access to top-level design for detection and controls for hangars in the U.S.