From Securiplex to Hiller Water Mist – Introducing a Rebrand!

New Look. Same Quality.

We are thrilled to announce the rebrand of Securiplex. Historically, the Securiplex brand has functioned as a separate product offered by Hiller. Today, we bring them under the same umbrella as we announce the renaming of the Securiplex brand to “Hiller Water Mist. A Securiplex Technology.”

The new brand represents the strength of Hiller and the history of Securiplex technology and water mist innovation while showcasing the same high-quality, innovative products Securiplex is known for.

As an internationally recognized, technology-driven company, Securiplex has been known for its role in developing and manufacturing water fog/mist technology. Its products are integral to the safety of high-profile installations such as the New York subway system, the British/Franco Euro tunnel, the navies of the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and more.

As the original water mist innovators, Securiplex helped to establish North American industrial water fog/mist technology by working with FM to develop the appropriate test protocols and in 1995, received the first FM approval ever issued for a water fog/mist fire protection system.

Under the Hiller Water Mist name, we look forward to continuing the tradition of forward-thinking innovation that has been established over the last few decades.