Systems Management Group Celebrates 10 Years

From two business partners and one employee in 2009 to 66 employees and a multi-million-dollar business today, Systems Management Group (SMG) has good reason to celebrate its 10th anniversary in January.

SMG, a division of The Hiller Companies, specializes in full-service, low voltage integration in Arizona and Colorado. Acquired by Hiller and supported by their 100-year history, SMG has a rich history of success on its own.

According to Co-founder and General Manager Terrence Kane, credit for growth and success goes directly to SMG’s high caliber employees.

“Our employees, each and every one, have created the opportunity for us to keep the doors open for the past 10 years,” Kane said. “And because of their hard work, we have had remarkable growth year over year.”

General Manager and Co-Founder Owen Myran noted that he and Kane started the company with a common goal to create a culture at SMG where not only business would thrive, but employees would as well.

“We wanted to grow a company that would take care of its employees, produce excellent customer service and deliver a superior product,” he said. “We are a people-first company. Whether you are an employee or a customer, we treat people with respect and dignity – that’s what drives our success.”

Having such dedicated employees makes the 10th anniversary special to Jenny Todd, Operations Manager.

“I am excited to celebrate our anniversary with an employee appreciation event in January. It is important that our staff knows how much we recognize their contribution to our success,” she said. “We really value times when we can build our relationships outside of the office. From the long-term veterans to the younger, more recent hires, everyone has something important to offer and to teach each other.”

The first employee Kane and Myran hired in 2009 is still with SMG and has been an example of the character of SMG and its employees.

“Gabriel Romo was our very first employee,” Kane said. “Through his dedication, character, and work ethic he has helped set the bar for the qualities we look for in employees. He also represents the opportunity employees have to advance and develop over a long-term career with SMG. He has grown over the years from our first hire into a top employee and lead manager.”

The desire for continued growth for SMG and long-term, limitless opportunities for employees was a driving factor in Kane’s and Myran’s decision to work with The Hiller Companies when Hiller acquired SMG in September of 2018.

“Hiller’s acquisition of SMG has given our employees the opportunity to grow and expand their personal well-being, to receive more training and to increase longevity with the company. It has taken them from a partnership to a career,” Kane shared.

Todd believes the opportunities with Hiller are wide open, but more importantly, the ideals of Hiller support the culture she, Kane and Myran have worked so hard to foster at SMG.

“Culture is vital,” she said. “SMG has always been a family. When Terrence and Owen were discussing SMG’s acquisition by Hiller, it was important to us to maintain that atmosphere. One thing that stuck out during the talks with Hiller was that they were very much a family as well. That’s why it was such a good fit for us.”

As for the future, Kane is excited about continued growth.

“What would make me tremendously happy would be if the company is able to continue growth and to change the core of what we do by adding other disciplines. I would love to add five to ten more locations and three to four more verticals,” he said. “With Hiller, we have a greater possibility of achieving that. I want our employees know that in 10, 15, 20 years, they can retire from a great career with SMG.”

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Systems Management Group is a low voltage integrator in the Colorado and Arizona markets that specializes in consulting, designing, installing, servicing, and integrating your low voltage systems; from fire alarms, intrusion alarms, access control, camera systems, audio/video systems, BDA systems, area of refuge systems, telecommunications and data systems, and more. Systems Management Group is a division of The Hiller Companies, Inc.