Hiller Announces U.S.C.G.-Approved Fluorine-Free Foam

Haven Green by Hiller is the first U.S.C.G.-approved fire fluorine-free fire fighting foam on the market.

Mobile, Alabama – January 22, 2024 – The Hiller Companies, a leading fire and life safety service provider, is proud to announce that Hiller Haven Green, its fluorine-free firefighting foam, has been approved by the United States Coast Guard (U.S.C.G.). As the first to market with an approved fluorine-free foam product, Hiller looks forward to serving customers worldwide seeking a replacement for Aqueous Film Forming Foam (A.F.F.F.).

“Hiller Haven Green allows us to provide our customers with a safe, effective alternative to A.F.F.F.,” Hiller President and C.E.O. Santiago Perez said. “We are thrilled to have a U.S.C.G-approved fluorine-free foam product available today, and we are extremely proud of the team who worked tirelessly to make this happen.”

Hiller has been actively researching and investing in the development of Hiller Haven Green as an effective replacement for the current A.F.F.F. firefighting foams over the last two years. Because A.F.F.F. contains undesirable man-made fluorinated chemicals that can harm humans as well as the environment, the industry has been scrambling to find a path forward with a safer product.

“Our goal was to replace these foam concentrates with a safe, fluorine-free alternative that maintains the same firefighting effectiveness with no or little change to the supply volume and the existing delivery systems,” Perez said. “There were some who encouraged reducing the standards in order to get a product on the market more quickly, but we were not willing to consider such a tradeoff. The safety of people and property is our number one priority. With the commitment and experience of our dedicated team, we acted promptly with nimbleness to produce Hiller Haven Green, which is the best of both worlds – safe and effective.”

The availability of Hiller Haven Green will have a significant impact across many end markets. A.F.F.F. foam has been widely used by the U.S. government, military and commercial industries after its development by the U.S. Navy in the mid-1960s for mission-critical extinguishment of petroleum-based fires. Until now, there was no alternative.

“Our team recommends that those using A.F.F.F. replace their systems as soon as possible,” Perez said. “A.F.F.F. is not safe, and exposure can lead to adverse human health effects as well as negative environmental impact. Now that there is an alternative, time is of the essence.”

For more information about Hiller Haven, please send an email to hillerhavengreen@hillercompanies.com.

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