Aerosol Fire Suppression

Energy Storage Systems, Industrial, Power Generation, Wind Turbines, rooms that are difficult to run distribution piping or have no room for Inert or Halocarbon cylinders – Aerosol Fire Suppression may be a solution for you. Aerosol requires no distribution piping or nozzles and can be released three different ways:

  • Electrically by a releasing panel
  • Manually by a pull cable
  • Thermally by a heat sensitive thermal head

NFPA defines condensed aerosol as an extinguishing medium consisting of finely divided solid particles and gaseous matter, generated by a combustion process of a solid aerosol forming compound. Condensed Aerosols are defined by NFPA as particles of less than 10 micrometers in diameter.

The fire tetrahedron identifies four elements for fire to occur: heat, fuel, oxidizing agent (usually oxygen), and chemical chain reaction. Fire will burn until at least one of these elements is removed. Condensed aerosol mainly interferes with the chemical reaction. Without the chemical reaction, there is insufficient heat necessary to maintain the fire.

Design considerations for Aerosol Fire Suppression includes enclosure dimensions and leakage area. Length and width are important for wall mounting locations. Height is important for mounting elevation. Aerosol needs a clearance in front of the canister. For automatic release detection and releasing panels can be provided. The Hiller Companies can help with design and ensure Aerosol Fire Suppression is the right agent for your hazard.