Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Many industries, including mining, construction, forestry and the military use heavy equipment or off-road vehicles. In these vehicles, fires can happen for a variety of reasons. Often, fires start in the electrical systems, but they can also be caused by friction from being in motion while the brake is engaged. Others are caused by overheating of combustible materials being transported.

Common Applications:

  • Mining excavators
  • Slag haulers
  • Small skid steers
  • Construction dump trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Bus fleets
  • Mass transit
heavy equipment fire suppression system

Types of suppression systems:

  • Dry Systems – Dry systems are used for electrical fires. It is essential to remove and/or wet down any combustibles after the fire is suppressed to prevent reignition.
  • Wet Systems – Wet systems are used for friction or paper-based fires. They are popular because they both suppress fire and cool combustibles reducing the chance of reignition.
  • Dual Agent Systems – These systems have both dry and liquid tanks. The dry agent starves the fire, while the wet agent cools the components.