Introducing Our New Portable Fire Pump

Hiller recently launched a pilot program for a portable fire pump service in the Arizona market. As a new offering, we are excited to launch the concept locally before rolling the service out to other Hiller branches with existing sprinkler departments.

Portable fire pumps are good solutions to take the place of fire pumps when they are being serviced or repaired. Our unit can pump 1,800 gallons per minute at idle through five six-inch pipes and is powered by John Deere turbo diesel engines. They can run for 12 hours straight on one tank of fuel.

“This is a niche market that does not have a lot of competition. In fact, there are only four other companies doing this,” Sales Manager Larry Thompson said. “It really has the potential to expand to customers across Hiller regions quickly.”

Benefits of Portable Fire Pumps

  • Reduce loss of function and downtime of facility
  • Keep fire sprinkler system in compliance during repair of fire pump
  • Save money by eliminating the need for a fire watch

One of the biggest benefits you, as a customer, can experience when you use our portable fire pump is that we become your one-stop shop for delivery, installation and set-up of the system on the front end. We also commission the portable systems with the cities getting necessary permits and approvals. When repairs are completed on the permanent fire pump, our technicians break down the temporary system, reconnect the permanent one and pick up the unit from the site.

“Our job is to make the customer feel like there is nothing going on out of the ordinary,” Service Manager Mike Schrey said. “When we provide these pumps to our existing customers, we are already familiar with their systems, and we can generally get a system delivered within 24 hours and set up within a couple of days. With outside companies, they deliver the fire pumps, and then the customer must call someone to come install and set it up and then break it down at the end.”

If you have a large space or facility that is protected by fire sprinklers, especially a high rise, hospital or a large warehouse, you may benefit from a portable fire pump when your system needs maintenance or repair.

“This is a really exciting offering for Hiller and for our customers,” Thompson said. “There is no one else doing this the way we do, and it offers our customers a cost-effective solution that minimizes downtime and keeps their system running.”

Hiller Offers Bi-Directional Amplification System as a Life Safety Solution

Bi-Directional Amp system

The Hiller Companies, Inc., a century-old fire protection and life safety provider based in Mobile, Alabama, now consults, installs, and trains users on NOTIFIER’s Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA).

Designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band ranges, BDA is an emergency responder radio coverage solution that boosts in-building radio frequency signals for public safety radio. During an emergency, this solution helps first responders inside a building communicate clearly with emergency personnel outside the building, possibly preventing injuries and saving lives.

“Responders inside a building can lose contact when radio signals are diminished by obstructions like concrete and metal,” says Joe McElvaney, Lead Fire Protection Engineer for Hiller. “Effective communication in these emergency-type situations is critical. On 9/11, communication failures caused responders in the World Trade Center to not receive the evacuation order. If BDA systems had been around then, it’s likely many more lives could have been saved.”

NOTIFIER’S BDA is a UL-listed two-way radio communication system and delivers reliable performance to meet signal strength requirements, even in the most challenging radio frequency environments.

BDA systems are required in both new and existing buildings per the ICC Fire code and NFPA 1 and can be paired with any existing fire system to provide the reliability and quality expected from a life safety solution.

In addition to the consultation and installation of BDA systems, Hiller offers product training for all customers. The trainers have received extensive education by Notifier and each hold an FCC general radio operator’s license.

For more information about BDA systems, please contact us.