The Hiller Companies launches new website


Mobile, AL– The Hiller Companies announces the launch of its new website (hillerfire.com) with a nod to its rich, 95-year history and an in-depth look at its present offerings as an American company with global reach.

“Hiller has such a long and unique history in the fire protection industry that we wanted to really showcase it on our new site by using historic photos and excerpts from brochures from the 1920s and 1960s,” President and CEO Patrick Lynch said. “A timeline on the site shows the progression of both the fire protection industry and the growth of Hiller – from our humble beginnings to our international presence.”

Hiller partnered with LAGNiAPPE Marketing and Strategic Design for content development and with J. Arendall of Webjed to develop the new website.

“When a company has been around as long as Hiller, it’s a fun and challenging process to give them an updated look while being respectful of that history,” Angela Cocke, Principal at LAGNiAPPE said. “It’s not often that you get to work with a company that has been around since 1919 and has been successful in staying at the forefront of technology and service in their industry. We wanted to honor that longevity.”
The Hiller Companies was founded in New Orleans 1919 by Herbert S. Hiller under the name “Fire Protection Equipment Co., Inc.” and has worked to protect the life and property of its commercial, industrial, marine and offshore customers from then until now. Striving to provide excellent customer service is a major factor in the continued success of Hiller today.

“Customer service has been the number one priority at Hiller since the beginning,” said Director of Business Development John Mackey. “I believe that quality, coupled with our expertise and technology, has helped us develop long-term relationships with our clients. We wanted the new site to reflect our values and to be an informative, user-friendly resource for our existing and potential clients.”


Hiller Hero – Dan Mabry


Pensacola, FL, – When Dan Mabry drove to work on Friday, June 26, 2015, he thought it was just another day. Looking forward to the weekend, he had no idea that in a matter of minutes, he would come upon a dangerous accident and save a man’s life.

At 6:45 that morning, a truck crashed into the gas pumps at the Raceway gas station on Highway 29 in Pensacola, FL causing flames to erupt from the pumps and ignite the truck. Mabry, without a second thought, pulled over to help.

“I just happened to be driving by and I saw flames,” Mabry, General Products Technician at The Hiller Companies said. “I had a truck full of fire extinguishers and thought I could use what I have learned in the trade at Hiller for the last 12 or 13 years.  I could stop and help put this fire out.”

What Mabry didn’t know was that there was an unconscious man still in the cab of the truck as the flames began to grow.

“The flame got unsafe and it started flaring up quickly. As I approached the accident, I found out there was a guy in the truck unconscious,” Mabry said. “So another guy and I ran out there, and we got him out and got him to the other side of the building. By that time, the fire trucks came and dumped foam on it and water on it and they knocked that flame down and put the fire out pretty quickly.”

Pete Whitehouse, General Manager of Hiller’s Pensacola office, is not surprised that Mabry would stop to help.

“I think this recent act of heroism is amazing, however it is typical of the attitude and enthusiasm Dan puts into his job every day,” Whitehouse said. “All of our technicians are well trained in Fire Protection and our General Products mobile fire extinguisher recharge vehicles are always well stocked with extinguishers. But without Dan’s selflessness, things could have turned out differently. We are all very proud of Dan for his quick action and for putting others ahead of his own personal safety.”

Mabry’s actions have also been recognized by Escambia County Fire Rescue.

“Escambia County Fire Rescue is grateful for and commends the quick actions taken by Dan Mabry June 26, 2015 at the Racetrack fuel pumps. It appears that the driver of the pickup truck which crashed into the fuel pump was experiencing a medical episode which not only left him incapable of driving, but also rendered him unconscious,” Fire Chief Patrick Grace said. “Had Mr. Mabry and his fellow Good Samaritan not acted as quickly as they did, without reservation for their own personal safety, the outcome would, in all likelihood, not have been nearly as positive.”

Grace noted that Mabry will be recognized by Escambia County Fire Rescue at their annual awards ceremony later this year.

“I think it’s a wonderful reflection on the quality and character of the people Hiller employs,” Grace added. “His actions took great situational awareness and courage.”

Mabry is just relieved that he was able to help get the man to safety before the flames engulfed the cab of the truck.

“I just did what I would hope somebody would do for me,” he said. “I didn’t do it for any other reason than to hope that someone could go home and see their family.”



The Hiller Companies announces new CEO/President


The Hiller Companies is excited to announce the appointment of new CEO and President, Patrick Lynch. This appointment comes on the heels of our outgoing CEO and President, Dan Romanchuk who announced his retirement in April of this year. Patrick brings more than 20 years of progressive leadership experience in the maritime industry, and in addition has held more recent leadership roles serving the commercial & industrial markets as well. Patrick has been with The Hiller Companies since March 2014 serving as Chief Operating Officer.

“Over the last 15 years, Dan Romanchuk has done an excellent job in building our business and has taken us to new heights. We thank him for his leadership. In today’s business climate, you have to continuously evolve in order to meet your customer’s demands and expectations. We are truly excited to add Patrick to our leadership team. I have the utmost confidence that Patrick will lead us to even greater levels while guiding Hiller to meet and surpass what our customers expect.”
Duncan Greenwood, Chairman of the Board

In his new role, Mr. Lynch will be responsible for building upon Hiller’s leadership position in the fire protection and life safety industry. He will continue to develop the relationships Hiller has built over the last 95 years and expand Hiller’s design, installation, and service capabilities in both the marine and commercial markets.

Lynch holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco, a BS in Marine Engineering and a BS in Marine Transportation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Celebrating more than 95 years and recognized as the longest tenured fire equipment distributor in the U.S., The Hiller Companies offer products and services that are protecting lives and property all around the world. Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, Hiller extends its reach globally as well as in domestic markets with offices in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. We are proud to safeguard everything from small businesses to nuclear testing facilities, yachts to aircraft carriers, and gas stations to offshore platforms.